Christmas is coming. That’s for sure. Even as the evening light and the golden leaves that litter the roads still spell out autumn, every day since Thanksgiving has felt a little colder, a little brisker, as if Christmas heard that November was ending and swept in to make its grand entrance. Now there are twinklingContinue reading “Festive”

The Art of America

Antonello and I had spent the past year and a half doing online art history lessons with my dad on the other side of the world, and so when I finally flew back to Indianapolis after two years of no travel, I kind of expected that dad and I would get started on art rightContinue reading “The Art of America”

The Pinks of Ferrara

We are on our way. We are finally out the door, finally  meandering our way through a very warm Ferrara, in search of all of the castles and churches and art that we can find. Out vacation started yesterday morning, when I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 AM to finish all the packing.Continue reading “The Pinks of Ferrara”

The Second Dose

Yesterday was mom’s birthday — she would have been 72 years old. And a month ago, after my first dose, I found out at that my second dose would be the same day — August 5th. When I told dad about it he reminded me: that’s her birthday, you know. I did know. It actuallyContinue reading “The Second Dose”

Tutto Bene

Antonello got his second vaccine shot yesterday. It was in the afternoon, and I called him from work during my lunch hour to check up on him. I’m not even there yet! Antonello shouted over the machinery and the radio blaring at the shoe factory. I don’t go till 3:30. I waited and waited, tookContinue reading “Tutto Bene”

Sunday at the Beach

The beach was an afterthought this weekend as the forecast called for rain, and we were exhausted. I was so tired and ready to have a day of nothing at all. I felt like work was getting the best of me, and all of our busy weekends were beginning to take their toll, one afterContinue reading “Sunday at the Beach”

The Rocky Road

There was no point in making a big deal of it. Sunday morning, our mountain day, was filled with other commitments and family things, and we hadn’t been to the mountains in weeks. The previous weekend we’d spent the whole day resting after a busy Saturday, and the weekend before that, we’d gone to Rome.Continue reading “The Rocky Road”

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