Sant’ Urbano in the Fog

“Well, It’s probably a beautiful view.” Marilyn said this while looking out her window from the back seat of the car as we drove through the twisting roads outside of the hill town of Apiro, snug in the center of Le Marche. Well, at least she was trying to look out her window. We allContinue reading “Sant’ Urbano in the Fog”


Things are changing here in Italy. Or at least it sure seems that way. Who knew that just a week away in America would bring me back to an Italy that had changed so much, or at least that the changes it had been making over the last few months would be so evident, settingContinue reading “Changing”

The Pinks of Ferrara

We are on our way. We are finally out the door, finally  meandering our way through a very warm Ferrara, in search of all of the castles and churches and art that we can find. Out vacation started yesterday morning, when I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 AM to finish all the packing.Continue reading “The Pinks of Ferrara”

The Colors of Tuscany

It wasn’t meant to be an art trip. It really wasn’t. My friend and I had made a pact to end our ten week online course with a short trip to Tuscany — just two days away on a Friday and a Saturday at the start of July. Siena is three hours west of us,Continue reading “The Colors of Tuscany”

Passi Piccoletti

“It’s starting to feel like we’re collecting mountains.” That’s what I said to Antonello as we stood on a rocky trail running along Monte San Vicino, with a view of the entire countryside on one side, and of the green hill and rocky summit of a mountain on the other. It was a bad momentContinue reading “Passi Piccoletti”

The Rocky Road

There was no point in making a big deal of it. Sunday morning, our mountain day, was filled with other commitments and family things, and we hadn’t been to the mountains in weeks. The previous weekend we’d spent the whole day resting after a busy Saturday, and the weekend before that, we’d gone to Rome.Continue reading “The Rocky Road”

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