“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” 
― Marcus Aurelius


Things are changing here in Italy. Or at least it sure seems that way. Who knew that just a week away in America would bring me back to an Italy that had changed so much, or at least that the changes it had been making over the last few months would be so evident, settingContinue reading “Changing”

Italy, Again

The trip back to Italy was riddled with missteps. For starters, I realized on Friday morning in Indianpolis, as we were hauling all of my luggage into the car, that I didn’t have enough bags (this became apparent upon stuffing the remaining things into various plastic bags and looking down at all of it, headContinue reading “Italy, Again”

Labor Day

What a strange new world. A flight across the Atlantic brought me to the afternoon bustle of the city of Chicago, with my dad and my brother driving up to Terminal 5 at O’Hare, waving at me (and I at them) from the front seats of Paul’s sea green Prius (dad texted me beforehand: keepContinue reading “Labor Day”


I can hardly remember August ending. It faded away, swept right out the door. What happens to August when it disappears like it always does, the magic of a summer taking flight? I barely noticed it this year. It’s September now, and after three days of endless packing, last minute gifts, yesterday’s early morning CoVidContinue reading “Homeward”

Conegliano Afternoon

It appears that the entire Veneto region is its own lesson in geography. It was early August, and we had just left Ferrara, taking the highway up past Treviso and all the way to Conegliano on a Wednesday morning, ready for the second leg of our six day adventure up north. I had my eyesContinue reading “Conegliano Afternoon”

The Poetry of August

These nights in late August have been a fine backdrop for our niece Valentina’s annual poetry festival — la Festa Della Fornace — in her small town of Valle Cascia just outside of Macerata. The weather is less sweltering and more inviting, coaxing us out of our houses and into the balmy evening with itsContinue reading “The Poetry of August”

In Between

We are back home already. Our vacation flew by — six days in the blink of an eye — and I was already back to work on Tuesday morning, bright and early, pulling up to the main gate and handing them my pass — the first day of school. It’s hard to get started again,Continue reading “In Between”

A Venice Morning

We were set to go to Venice, to leave the mountains of Friuli behind, and head, in this thick afternoon heat, all the way down to the lagoon. The idea did not sit well with me this time. Venice is wonderful, but the mountains, and the days we’d spent there, had been nice and breezy, completeContinue reading “A Venice Morning”


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