“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” 
― Marcus Aurelius

Old Roads, New Roads

It was a Thursday afternoon, and I was trying to get home as quickly as possible. I stopped at the grocery store for what I thought might be five minutes but was really fifteen, and I pointed at the fruit that sat in baskets, large quantities of grapes — glistening purple and green — waitingContinue reading “Old Roads, New Roads”

Hi Lili, Hi Lili

I never slept back here as a child. This room — the one that is now dad’s office with photos of family and Italian art on the walls — was my parents’ bedroom. Paul and I had bedrooms in the other part of the house, and mine was complete with a fuzzy pink carpet andContinue reading “Hi Lili, Hi Lili”

Emerson Avenue

This is the stretch of road I remember best. We drove it all the time, the straight shot from the roads off Ellenberger Park and then here, where it curves and bends and follows the forest on the right (beyond which I imagine a reservoir of water, an entire lake that snaps up the reflectionsContinue reading “Emerson Avenue”

The Train to Rome

This train is going straight to Roma Termini from Foligno (but originally from Ancona) and everyone who boards it seems to be carrying items that will never fit on board — a baby carriage, a bicycle wrapped in plastic, a large duffel style bag that is so big it could have a body stuffed in it; myContinue reading “The Train to Rome”

Where Love Takes You

It rained today. It hadn’t rained in a thousand days and it rained so much that the mud from the sunflower fields slid all the way down the hillsides, filling the road with a river of mud, making it hard to drive. On the road to Macerata there were miles of men wearing bright orange vests,Continue reading “Where Love Takes You”

E Luccevan Le Stelle

We go night swimming in the lake in Brown County, Indiana the summer of my seventeenth birthday. It is late — the moon cast its blessings on the water like the petals of distant stars. It slips into the curls and folds of the water, and then emerges again, whole. I slip my body underwater,Continue reading “E Luccevan Le Stelle”


We are on this road that weaves and winds through countryside, a kind of shorthand in scribbles that leads us back to Macerata. It is half past eight now, in the evening, and here the sun is still on her high horse, looking down at us with a kind of grand sense of owning thisContinue reading “July”

June in Florence

I don’t know when the last time I woke up in Florence was, but I know it has been a while. This morning there is a hotel air conditioner lulling us into deeper slumber, but it isn’t enough to keep us in bed. Florence is out there (we’re a five minute walk from the ArnoContinue reading “June in Florence”


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