Day 36: Planning

Now that I’m home alone (at least for a few days: it’s not clear yet how long Antonello will be working), I’m trying to find ways to organise my days better. It’s difficult at the moment because, even though Antonello is back at work, I have yet to hear anything whatsoever from my place of employment, so I don’t know if there will more online courses in the coming days. Based on schedules we received at the beginning of the year, there is a good chance that the next course won’t be until May anyway: because of the overlap of Easter, April 25th, and May 1st, a lot of times our Easter break turns into a month long pause. This, of course, is a very Italian thing to do.

So while I wait, I (the eternal planner that I am) need to get these days organized. It’s taking me a minute to get back on my feet now that Antonello is not home, but I’m trying to look at the coming days as an opportunity to focus on some things I want to do.

  1. Make some bread: I mean, everyone’s doing it, right? I’ve been reading articles about people going nuts, hoarding flour and yeast at the stores, becoming excellent bakers at home. I spoke to my friend Lara about it (who is also blogging! Read her blog here), and I confessed to her that I’m slightly afraid of yeast. She urged me to overcome that fear (who is afraid of yeast anyway?) and get started on the bread making right away! At the store the other day, just out of curiosity, I checked to see if there was any yeast to be found, and I almost gave up until I found it being sold at the deli counter. They were handing it out like a drug deal : psst, can I interest you in a few grams of yeast? And I could only buy two packets total, no one was allowed more. So now, the packets of yeast are waiting for me, and I’ve been flipping through bread related cookbooks to see how I can get started. I’m thinking bagels?
  1. Art lessons: Dad and Antonello and I have one way to stay busy: last week we started organising a daily art lesson to talk about some of our favorite paintings. Basically it all started because my dad had noticed some unexpected similarities between two painters, and so we all googled it, looked on wikipedia, and did little bits of research until we decided “hey, this is kind of fun! We should pick a painting every day!” It’s just something fun: obviously we are not experts at all, and we didn’t realise exactly how much there is to learn out there (lots!), but the connections we make between this painting and that are always interesting and fun, and it’s great to get to talk about something other than the coronavirus once in a while. Yesterday we got out of Italy and into Flemish art, so who knows where today will take us! 
  1. A daily walk: I wrote to my goal specialist on Noom the other day and told her in detail about my run in with the police who sent me home for running! I thought she would be worried and apologetic and say, “now now, Jackie, you’ve tried your best. You can take a break from the diet. Eat all you want now. There’s a bag of potato chips in the cupboard.” But, that was not her reaction at all! She was completely unimpressed by my news and she asked me pointed questions about how I was going to adjust now, and how I envisioned my ideal weight, and other stuff like that! How rude! Anyway, I told her that I would like to start walking more, since we apparently ARE allowed to do that (don’t get me started), and so today was the first of my daily walks. I will start to post some pictures as well. Here are a couple:
The bell tower

Now, to make something healthy for lunch, before I find the potato chips stashed in the cupboard. 

Today I’m listening to: Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

Published by Jackie in Italy

I'm living in Le Marche Italy. It's 2020 and we're all on lockdown. This is my blog.

2 thoughts on “Day 36: Planning

  1. yes that is true! You did tell me that! We made some cinnamon rolls yesterday and, while I was very concerned that they were not rising enough, they turned out fine! Not sure yet about the big loaf of bread…why don’t I want to make one?? I’ll give it a go: I’ve got what looks like a nice recipe for it, so we’ll see.


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